About Bodega Cafe

From conception to execution, Bodega Cafe combines an array of ingredients and cooking techniques along with culinary talent and sincere hospitality so guests can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

"We strive for efficient, uncompromising, sincere and  fabulous service; we want to be a great place to eat for everyone." - Kasi, Proprietor

From Our Customers

"Bodega Cafe is the place people get together, to connect with one another, and enjoy great food."

“Bodega Cafe is our favorite place to take the kids on a Saturday so we can really enjoy the food, friends and each other.”

"Excellent and creative menu.  Best lunch in town!"

"Bodega Cafe is a great option for the whole family with beautiful Lagoon and Heads view.  We tried the Cuban sandwich and East African stew - fantastic meal!"

"We came to the Bodega for coffees and a meeting and stayed for lunch and dessert - we will definitely be back."

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